Spraying/Weed Control


A weed control programme is vital for productive, healthy grass. Properly managed, well maintained grassland makes life very hard for weeds because they struggle to establish themselves. However, some of the more tenacious species will always find a way in and a few, such as buttercup and ragwort, are poisonous.

Spraying with safe, modern pesticides is a highly effective part of that weed control programme. We use products that are safe to use, safe for your animals and safe for the environment and won’t damage your grass.

Combined with the latest air-induction, drift-beating nozzles and our professional spraying expertise, we put the herbicide exactly where it is required.

We have extremely effective treatments for the following:

  • Dock, nettle, thistle, buttercup, ragwort, dandelion, woundwort, plantain and more
  • Safe, affordable, effective methods of weed control without damaging your grass
  • Individual, weed-specific sprays target precisely what weeds you have
  • Better long-term results than by pulling weeds like ragwort
  • Quick turnaround of sprayed land enabling fast re-stocking
  • Hay and haylage can still be cut and used after spraying
  • Safe for you, your animals and your land

Accreditation and Membership

Also ROLO and CSCS members