Green PaddocksRegular topping (cutting or mowing) of grassland, is an essential part of paddock maintenance and ensures a good quality, dense, durable, healthy, grass sward, which is both aesthetically pleasing and robust.

Freedom from weeds and disease is an essential characteristic of quality pasture. A healthy grass sward is the most effective barrier to weeds and makes it more usable and attractive too.

GreenPaddocks use a Muthing flail mower, acknowledged as one of the best on the market, which cuts and mulches the grass rather than merely cutting it like a conventional pasture topper. Its shredder bars help to break down the grass cuttings even further, ensuring soil microbes breakdown the grass more easily, making regeneration time of the sward that much quicker.

The topping service by GreenPaddocks:

  • Reduces grass cuttings to small pieces (mulch) which enables it to rot down quickly, feeding and revitalising the soil and allowing animals to return to graze sooner
  • Prevents ragwort and other weeds from going to seed and thus minimises spreading
  • Maximises your grassland; horses in particular have limited ability to utilise poor quality grass
  • Crushes the crowns with the roller and so encourages fresh new grass to spread
  • Reduces old, stemmy grass that has little leaf. Fresh leafy grass not only tastes better but contains double the nutrient value
  • Keeps grass at the right height for grazing, particularly important for selective grazers like horses
  • Prevents animals from grazing poor pasture. Sparse, poached swards may lead them to ingest too much soil with the grass, which can lead to colic
Green Paddocks

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