Vegetation Clearance

We carry out brush cutting, strimming, tree felling, sectional felling and chipping by ground teams, and grassland flail-mowing and hedge trimming with tractor-mounted implements. All sites and all types of vegetation clearance projects can be carried out, both small and large-scale, from mechanised site clearance, to clearance on ecologically sensitive sites using our ground teams with hand tools or low ground-pressure machinery, to minimise disturbance.

We work closely with ecologists and fully appreciate the ecological constraints relating to vegetation clearance.

Green Paddocks


Our maintenance and work crews are trained and qualified in all areas of the work we carry out and have a wealth of experience. We are fully insured and comply comprehensively with all relevant health and safety procedures and supporting legislation. We commit to a policy of sound environmental practice and we use site-specific risk assessments and method statements

Who we work with:

An approved Somerset County Council contractor, our commercial clients also include Chartered Surveyors, Landscape Architects, Chartered Construction Companies, Natural England, the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, SITA UK Ltd, Western Power Distribution, numerous district councils, local authorities and others.

Accreditation and Membership

Also ROLO and CSCS members