Hedges – trimming, laying and planting

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We provide a traditional hedge-laying service over the winter months; and also bank restoration, hedge trimming, siding up and many other aspects of boundary work.

For annual hedge trimming, we use both a compact tractor and powerful hedge trimmer with either a flail head or cutter bar or, where we are able, a full size tractor and trimmer.

Our experienced team can help you to rebuild and restore traditional rural hedging and banks to their former glory.

We can supply and plant just about any variety of tree, shrub or hedge, from a single specimen to large scale planting and are happy to offer advice on species selection for your planting scheme.

Hedgerows form an important and attractive part of the countryside and your land. They also provide a very important habitat for a wide range of species so proper hedge management is a vital part of countryside stewardship.

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