Split chestnut 6GreenPaddocks Ltd are specialists at erecting a wide range of high-quality fencing and gates, including traditional stock fencing, specialist equine-friendly fencing, post and rail and the superb looking – and extremely durable – split chestnut fencing (pictured here), amongst others.

If you keep any stock, horses or pets, you can be assured that we approach each job with animal welfare firmly in mind, and understand the importance of having effective fencing that is also aesthetically pleasing.

Our experienced team use only the best quality materials, and pay great attention to detail, ensuring everything is built to last.

Split chestnut is one of our favourite fencing materials for several reasons. It is an incredibly strong and durable timber which does not require chemical tanalising to prevent it rotting, and it is sourced from well-managed, coppiced British woods.

From the early Middle Ages, most woods in lowland England were coppiced. This traditional method of managing woodland provides a self-renewing source of wood allowing an indefinite number of crops to be taken. Coppiced trees can live to a great age and some of the oldest trees in British woods may be more than 1,000 years old.

Coppicing creates conditions suitable for many plants, insects, birds and wildlife, and it is particularly important to those requiring very open woodland habitats.

The result for our clients using this well-managed resource are maintenance-free fences that last up to 25 years and more and which weather beautifully.

We will be delighted to provide you with a quotation for just about any fencing you need, including: –

  • Split Chestnut, Post and Rail, Stock, Chicken and Otter fencing etc.
  • Tree Guards
  • Gate Hanging
  • Repairs to existing fencing

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