Harrowing and Rolling

HarrowingHarrowing is most commonly done in spring and autumn and should be another key element in your grassland management schedule.

We use a spring-tined harrow, the ultimate in grassland harrows which benefits your land in many ways:

  • Removes old,  dead thatch from your grassland sward, essential to allow light and air into the soil and base of the sward which encourages healthy new growth
  • Levels out unsightly and potentially dangerous poaching and mole hills, encouraging grass growth and weed prevention
  • Effectively spreads droppings around the paddock and helps prevent the build up of rank, ungrazed pasture
  • Exposes parasite larvae to the air and sun, which kills them

Rolling levels out any unevenness caused by poaching and firms up the ground to reduce further damage by hooves. It also gently crushes the grass crowns, which encourages the grass to spread and maximises its growth.