Re-seeding and Over-seeding

SeedingNature hates bare ground and will populate it with weeds in the blink of an eye. A good grass sward is an effective barrier to weeds but even in well managed grassland, bare patches will still appear.

Re-seeding can introduce more suitable grass species into the existing sward, whether it is a hard-wearing species, productive grasses or traditional mixtures.

For best results, this procedure should be carried out in spring and autumn.

The advantages are:

  • We use a broadcast seeder and grassland harrow at the same time; two jobs done as one is cost effective and minimises compaction
  • Our precision calibrated machines use exactly the right amount of seed so there is no waste and minimal cost
  • Repairs damage to land caused by livestock, an unavoidable hazard
  • Affordable and effective in establishing grass on bare patches or on whole fields